Back from an Innovation Journey..

Summer time is usually holiday season and CONTINUE TO GROW decided to go on a journey. Eager for adventures, its team packed its innovation capabilities and headed for discovering organizational growth challenges. As the ancient Portuguese travelers they encountered a path that many have walked but few have successfully arrived to the destination.

 This post serves for demystifying The Path for Growth – an Innovation Journey online self-assessment tool. 

The Innovation Journey path that CONTINUE TO GROW team performed consists of six steps, each of them indicating a determined treasure (related to its innovation capabilities) that is key for achieving organizational top performance. On each step of the Innovation Journey its followers are asked (based on four innovation capability statements) whether the treasure resides in their organization`s possession or not yet. All mentioned treasures are very powerful assets for a successful organizational innovation. Let us give a short glance into these treasures based on the Innovation Journey six steps assessment report (provided for the ones who complete the online assessment).


Strategy & Assessment

Defining innovation strategy is a complex process. Having supportive mechanisms many times helps organizations to improve the definition of innovation objectives, measures and targets. Besides, further engaging with top talent and key stakeholders improves significantly the strategic management process. Facing organizational innovation strategy as a matter of top management concern is highly recommendable asset.

Organizational Culture & Collaboration

While on the path, CONTINUE TO GROW team acknowledged that there are many ways for collaboration and engaging with one another. Second lesson learned was that, organizational culture that supports different ways of social networking between employees can help to identify individual talents and boost their motivation towards professional objectives.

Knowledge and Market Intelligence

Building a knowledge ecosystem for collecting crowd contributions sounds fascinating, nevertheless requires the right people with expertise in order to effectively feed the system and knowhow about managing intellectual property rights. When innovation knowledge is regularly monitored and spread among the team, consequently this activity helps to achieve the desired organizational innovation objectives.

Idea Generation

An insight or an idea, keeping all of them registered in one place improves cross-fertilization, evaluation process and quality of project inputs. Involvement of all the relevant people creates a favorable climate for idea generation and development. Therefore it is recommendable to have in place mechanisms for engaging employees in the idea generation.

Idea Execution

For innovative organizations it is important to make sure that appropriate development methods are applied to each project. During the journey, CONTINUE TO GROW team identified software tools that can support those organizations. Some of them provide customizable frameworks for project management, others handy reporting with complex filtering functions.

Performance Evaluation

For organizations it is relevant to monitor both the financial and intangible targets achieved along the whole innovation cycle. Presence of a real-time performance measuring system was identified during the journey. Was verified that it broadens the understanding of the overall organizational processes, quickens identifying opportunities and it can effectively support continuous innovation with automatic alert on critical performance issues. Dedicating time and resources to performance evaluation is admirable organizational treasure.


This simple and same time engaging Innovation Journey shall help organizations to become aware of their internal innovation capabilities and acknowledge organizational innovation “treasures”.

Click on the link to start your journey!


CONTINUE TO GROW supports organizations with their roadmap for change, providing critical support services and products to boost the innovation effort.

CONTINUE TO GROW approach stimulates an organizational culture that supports innovation by:

- motivating knowledge sharing in a more engaging way;

- using the power of an “expert crowd” to gather qualified contributions;

- promoting more intimacy and collaboration with key stakeholders.

CONTINUE TO GROW – fostering innovation

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