Day 2 at FEI EMEA 2015

Last month we were at FEI EMEA 2015 in Vienna, Austria. By the end of Day 1, everybody was excited and 'getting connected' with the team. These were great moments to relax and start networking. It was the first time we would meet some Twitter and LinkedIn contacts, finally we would get to really know them.

When we realize it, we were on Day 2 of FEI EMEA. The day begun with a warm welcome from Peter Meier, Orokoko GmbH and founding FEI Advisory Board Member and then it was time for Peter Koen to present his keynote: "Transformational and Disruptive Innovation Implementation Lessons and Best Practices Learned from Over 30 Large Companies".

As he mentioned, all organizations should lean on some start up principles:

  1. Use the biz model from the beginning
  2. Promote early and abundant customer visits
  3. Adopt very early fast prototype
  4. Develop rapid learning: being agile

Finally, Peter Koen advised all companies to get the problem statement right – e.g. making a device for everyone not jus for someone. We all should think about the right problem and not so much in a solution – the correct problem leads to the solution.

By the end of the morning, it was time for Rui Patrício to present our Learning Lab: "INNOVATION GAMES: Going Beyond the Traditional Creativity and Analytical Tools".

Innovation Games and its rapidly increasing applications are not anymore unknown concepts to innovation driven organizations. The idea of using game approaches to innovation applies to a wide range of services/products and industry/sectors. Either referred to software applications or other online and offline board games, all its elements are powerful means for fostering workplace social intelligence and innovation practices.

During this session, we presented two examples of innovation management games:

  • "The Innovation Stickers Card Collection" and
  • "The Path for Growth: an Innovation Journey".

From these two examples the audience was invited to gain a better understanding of how these games could benefit their organizations. Innovation management games can trigger people's curiosity about innovation; promote more fun and engagement; increase the willingness to take the risks and promote openness to new ideas and technologies.


Finally we highlighted how everybody can implement this type of approach in their organization and provided a checklist to support decision-making.

We would like to thank to all participants in our Learning Lab and would like to invite you to follow our social networks.

Day 2 was over, but the event went for one more day. For us was time to relax and visit Vienna.


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