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The Path for Growth – an Innovation Journey is an interactive Innovation self-assessment tool created and designed by CONTINUE TO GROW. It is based on the state of the art of innovation frameworks, industry best practices and innovation standards.

Let´s see how our network disseminates the adventure.. 

"Exciting! Feels really great after completing this innovation journey. Getting the chance to learn about innovation I took the difficult road, testing myself. Serious play, this new online game will revolutionise how people synchronize with their business. World triumphs adding grows with new revenue rise. Amazing to acknowledge this tool as a new reality check. One single advice, give your best! Scored 6 out of 6 check the report!!! Fun learning tool."

 - Luis Maia Oliveira, Senior Strategic Designer 

"The Innovation Journey is a fast and easy way to assess your company and what crucial areas are needing Innovation investments. It gives a good overview in several key areas providing a path for discussing improvements within the company. How could you not afford to find out how your company can save money?"

 - Christina Pettersson, Technical Sales-Innovation, Handelsakademin

 "An interesting and educational tool helping companies, individuals, and departments understand where they are currently in their innovation journeys. Using the insights provided by the simple, but highly effective, interactive tool, users can isolate and invest in initiatives that have the highest potential of effectively enabling their innovation efforts to produce desired outcomes."

- Gaurav Bhalla, Experienced management consultant, speaker and

CEO at Knowledge Kinetics

Innovation Assessments being one of the pillars of an innovation programs, are often frustrating due to long and complex questionnaire setup. Contrary, Innovation Journey self-assessment PDF report provides fast and efficient feedback together with guidelines. This online evaluation can be done as an on-going activity plus revised with the most valuable argumentations gathered along the entire innovation capabilities assessment. It is available on a desktop computer, tablet and also can be concluded on a smartphone.

In its essence, this assessment covers six main areas that embrace key innovation capabilities. CONTINUE TO GROW goal is to provide organisations effective means to create their own roadmap for innovation. Completing the Innovation Journey path will enable to become aware of organisation’s Innovation capabilities, evaluate emergent needs, raise self-awareness, support decision making and boost performance. Also, there is available online free 30 min coaching for completing the journey together with our consultants team.



We would be glad to receive your comments on the Innovation Journey. Share with us your experience and receive a personalized banner. To know more, see the above tutorial video and read our previous post Back from an Innovation Journey.. about the six steps for boosting innovation performance.



Create now your own roadmap for innovation by taking this interactive Innovation Journey!

Don´t forget to download your PDF report.




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