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People who practice collaborative innovation learn how to craft a series of engagements where participants can see the whole—the whole problem and the whole set of potential solutions—in order to reach a shared understanding of the way forward.

As Doug Collins pointed out in his article, by articulating the way forward, idea by idea, the group commits to a larger strategic intent. We really liked the way he described a way in which practitioners can craft an engagement in which participants can reach a shared understanding of which ideas to pursue from the front to the back end of innovation.

We also take this in account when using our newest product ideaChef. Both Portuguese presentations (in Lisbon and Oporto) were a success, and we had the opportunity to challenge our partners, clients and friends to 'play' our game, and tackle their organizations in a funny, yet practical and objective way.

We had also been in Milano at Ars et Inventio to present and experiement ideaChef as an idea generation instrument.

It was a great session, and we are proud to announce that we have first facilitators for the Italian market. Welcome aboard Paolo Franceschini.

Last, but not least, we will be next week in BIN@Porto, the Business & Innovation Network Annual Event.

Will see you there,

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