How to apply the Innovation Journey in your organization

In its essence, The Path for Growth - an Innovation Journey is an assessment process that allows participants to become more aware of innovation capabilities. Our sessions may be delivered in two different environments, being both effective.


Public sessions

Innovation Journey public sessions allows to gather participants with different background and in that way promotes rich individual best practices sharing. Our first experience with such format was during LET`S Conference workshops in Italy (fall 2014).

First, the introductive part recalled several times smirks on participant's faces while they recognised that we were able to identify a common problem they come across. These chuckles are an important feedback for our team. This type of genuine body language tells us that we are getting into the root cause of described innovation capability and also, importantly, the listener identifies it as a problem that might inhibit more efficient innovation occurrence in the organisation.

Second part of the session was dedicated to dialog between the participants. In smaller groups valuable insights were presented around the six areas that The Path for Growth an Innovation Journey assessment tool covers. Namely Strategy & Assessment, Organizational Culture & Collaboration, Knowledge and Market Intelligence, Idea Generation, Idea Execution and Performance Evaluation.

You can find more information about each organisational solution here.

In-company sessions

In-company sessions allow to bring team members on board and facilitate an open environment for constructive dialogs. This format is delivered upon request, normally takes around 3 hours and is perfect for an half a day workshop. It can be combined with other training content provided by our team or another presenter.

Collaboration is always the key to success so every format is negotiable with us.

A memorable SME workshop was held in the scope of a Portuguese SME (a medical devices supplier and has been on the national market for 20 year). This Innovation Journey workshop gathered all the team and enabled them to analyse their innovation managemant excellence and set future perspectives for the upcoming prosperous years in business. Besides, workshop provoked positive group dynamics and strengthened human ties between the colleagues.

If a session is scheduled for a time where participants might have lower energy levels (like straight after lunch) then we have some special energisers for boosting the engagement.

In another words, you can trust us in delivering a remarkable Innovation Journey.

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