ideaChef® - much more than just a game

  • Bettina von Stamm - Innovation Philosopher, Story Teller, Catalyst - Innovation Leadership Forum - UK
  • Maria Antonietta Buccheri - Researcher at CNR (Consiglio Nazionale Delle Ricerche) - Italy
  • Peter Meier - Interim Manager Medtech, Founder, Innovation Expert- Germany
  • Sofia Alçada - Consulting and Coaching | Strategic and Digital Marketing - Portugal
  • Tim Wright - Director at twintangibles - UK

We all played ideaChef® with a concrete business challenge and we could not disregard the contributions of an excellent team of experts.


More than this


Although playing the game was fun and provided an environment that promoted an open discussion where all the players could express their views and evaluate on each other's ideas, the purpose of ideaChef® is to go a little bit further.

While the players role is to propose ideas that could tackle the suggested problem, and then disccuss several issues regarding the 'most voted idea', the facilitator will have to assemble all the data that flourish and produce real valuable information, reporting a “recipe” for the problem.


All the information is valuable...


... even those ideas that were disregarded allowing the organization to replay the game to a different idea (we deliberatly deleted some information regarding the ideas) :

  • IDEA A – ....  18 votes
  • IDEA B – ....  27 votes
  • IDEA C – ....  22 votes
  • IDEA D – .... 14 votes
  • IDEA E –  .... 22 votes
  • IDEA F - ....  20 votes
  • IDEA G - .... 22 votes
  • IDEA H – .... 15 votes
  • IDEA I - ....   19 votes
  • IDEA J - ....  22 votes
  • .....

But even for the same idea, all the discussions (and alternate views) are kept and archived with the winner ideas of the game, so that one can get back to them later.



What happens when we finish playing the game


By the end only the highest scored contributions from each Building Block are displayed. This type of illustration facilitates the creation of a “recipe” for addressing the problem or challenge that was defined at the start of the game.

This is the masterpiece, the gourmet dish that our ideaChefs have created. Along with this visual tool, it was also created an extended report that provided feedback from ideaChef® play session (including all the starting ideas and contributions) as well as an executive report that proposes the 'outline' for the recipe.

This is our recipe, the one that came out during our last play session. We cannot talk too much about it, after all, we all have our 'problems' to be solved.

If you'd like to use ideaChef® to enhance your best ideas and create an open and collaborative environment contact us today.

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