Innovation Stickers Card Collection

Innovation Stickers Card Collection is a complementary phycical learning and networking game for the Innovation Journey. Such deployment was inspired on the treasure hunt well known game in order to facilitate engagement and interaction among the conference participants. Now is mostly applied by companies for raising awareness about the internal need of developing innovation capabilities

CONTINUE TO GROW Innovation Stickers Card Collection awareness, educational and fun game promotes:

  • a more structured and appealing discussion method about innovation
  • networking and collaboration

Innovation Stickers Card Collection provides a more structured, fun and appealing method for creating a culture that supports innovation. It can be used as a stand alone tool or in combination with an online gamified innovation self assessment The Path of Growth: an Innovation Journey.

To run this game, users (employees or conferences attendees) shall collect all the stickers related to the 15 most common factors that may inhibit innovation. Such deployment could be based on the process of the well-known treasure hunt idea or during a workshop. Then they will have to stick them in the right place on the innovation stickers card collection. For doing that they have to analyse the content on the sticker and find the right explanation on the Sticker Card.

Finally as an award the ones that complete the collection will receive a winner badge!

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