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Carla Marchioro is an Associate Partner of CONTINUE TO GROW in Italy, with an extensive background in R&D processes and Innovation.

"I knew CONTINUE TO GROW last October on LET`S conference in Bologna, Italy. I saw the city name Porto and immediatly wanted to know more, because I like Porto a lot. Then I met Rui Patrício, and we started talking about how difficult it is to communicate, because normally people do not structure their ideas. From here we discuss on how it would be useful if we could link all ideas into a common workgroup communication."

Dear Carla, could you tell us where are you from?

I'm Italian, from Verona. It's the city from the novel Romeu and Juliet, so as you can imagine, last weekend (Valentine's Day) we had lots of couples wondering on our streets.


Please tell us shortly about your professional career, and what lessons did you took from your experience.

I've worked in Aptuit and GlaxoSmithKline R&D and now I'm Scientific Director and Head of the Pharma & Analytical Division at Research for Rent. During all this years I was able to meet interesting people and participate in multidisciplinary groups from all over the world. I had the opportunity to see how different cultures approach differentely to the same problem, so I was able to develop different ways to interact with each one of them. Of course it is important that everyone in a project, knows which are the goals and share the same methods, but if we focus on the individual, the processess will be much more effective.


What captures you about innovation management?

Innovation is about letting people express their own ideas. We must assure that every participant has the chance to share his ideas and feels confortable by participating in the

change process. However, we should never loose focus, because the main purpose is not to have endless meetings, but reach to our goal. So, from the very begining you should define real objectives and all the constraints to keep the team on track, but allowing new ways on your processes.

Then, you use Innovation Management to collect and handle all the contributions.


We are arriving to our collaboration. How would you describe CONTINUE TO GROW Alliances Network and your treasure/expertise in it?

At the Alliances Network we are sharing experiences and learning from each other. It is essencial that we discover each other strengths and know what contributions we can give each other. Currently, all of us are contributing in different aspects, because when we speak of innovation management, there is a wide range of areas where we may apply it, and we should confront all different experiences towards a common goal. Basically, we should share knowledge, so that we may learn from it.


If you would meet the Mr. “Wrong strategic decisions that lead to wrong actions company-wide” then what would be your message to him?

In general, everybody should be allowed to make mistakes, since you feel that you've done your best. Those who try, will sometimes take bad decisions.

And you should feel confortable in making bad decisions, as long as they are your own and you believe in them. If you make a decision, because you feel obliged to it, and you believe that something different should be done, then you know that you are not in a safe environment for innovating.


Coming to more relaxed questions. How do others see you?

I like to believe that others find me interesting, enthusiastic, and mainly as a good listener. Besides this, my coleagues think I'm a trustful person (both for professional and personal issues)


What fascinates you besides work?

I love nature and outdoor activities such as walking, cycling and hiking. You can find me often in the mountains or near the sea. I also like reading, and I read a lot. The funny part is that I enjoy the full experience of reading, so I like the book for its content but also the feeling of the texture of paper.


For resuming this pleasant dialog, would you be kind enough to share with us a personal quote. It could resumes your main values on life and/or relate to innovation (you may refer to other citations, nevertheless please personalise them).

 Just let me ask one more question. From your point of view, what is that crazy, unexpected, flying cars like innovation that you wish to see come true?

Now that we know how to live longer, it's time to find a way to live better. All innovation must have a purpose, well being as a ultimate universal right.


Carla Marchioro is an Associate Partner of CONTINUE TO GROW in Italy, with an extensive background in R&D processes and Innovation. She is Scientific Director and Head of the Pharma & Analytical Division at Research for Rent, R4R and Chief Technology & Operations Adviser at AnCoreX Therapeutics Italy. She worked for Aptuit and GlaxoSmithKline R&D where she has been leading multidisciplinary and cross national groups.

If you wish to know more about Carla Marchioro, please visit her LinkedIn profile.

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