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Workshop: The Innovation Journey

CONTINUE TO GROW will be conducting a workshop at the LET´S conference venue on the 30th September 2014.   This interactive and hands on session will provide participants the opportunity to be aware of their organization`s innovation capabilities and foster innovation by creating their own roadmap for innovation.

Initially all participants will examine critical innovation capabilities and according to them identify factors that may inhibit innovation in organizations.

In the second part of the workshop participants will..

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Register to the workshop on the LET`S conference website or contact us.


30 September 2014

16.00 - 18.00 LET`S conference premise, Palazzo della Cultura e dei Congressi, Piazza Constituzione 4/A Bologna, Italy


Back from an Innovation Journey..  

Summer time is usually holiday season and CONTINUE TO GROW decided to go on a journey. Eager for adventures, its team packed its innovation capabilities and headed for discovering organizational growth challenges.

As the ancient Portuguese travelers they encountered a path that many have walked but few have successfully arrived to the destination.

The Innovation Journey path that CONTINUE TO GROW team has performed consists of six steps, each of them indicating a determined treasure..  

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We support organizations with their roadmap for change, providing critical support services and products to boost the innovation effort.


CONTINUE TO GROW approach stimulates and organizational culture that supports innovation by:

- motivating knowledge sharing in a more engaging way;

- using the power of an expert crowd to gather qualified contributions;

- promoting more intimacy and collaboration with key stakeholders.  


We do it by combining software applications with comprehensive services and tools that encourage key users to contribute and become long-term supporters.

CONTINUE TO GROW - fostering innovation

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CONTINUE TO GROW sees alliances as the essence of its business model and fosters a creation of a vital network of associates and local partners to deliver value added solutions.

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