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Together with the new year, CONTINUE TO GROW wishes to continue bringing valuable content to its audience. Besides, this year our focus will be on sales and delivering the solutions. We are very excited about it and hope to succeed well. 


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This is a post with the content of our Newsletter December 2014. 

Do you find yourself wondering how to bring your innovation program to the next level? 

Market Intelligence Oriented Culture: a Key Driver for Innovation

It is always a great achievement when we can affirm that something has been done according to one strategic plan, goal or thought.

In the sixth and last of a series of articles focused on Innovation Culture, the focus is on a process called Market Intelligence.

3 reasons why the “Path for Growth: an Innovation Journey” works

 Besides many other reasons for making this journey, we would like to call your attention to the following: 

Innovation Games: Going Beyond the Traditional Creativity and Analytical Tools and Methods

Innovation Games and its rapidly increasing applications are not anymore unknown concepts to innovation driven organizations.

In the fifth of a series of articles focused on Innovation Culture, our attention is on the emerging business use of innovation games beating all the traditional creativity and analytical tools.

We are good in developing innovation games! 

Working the Crowd – Don’t Get Lost

Utilising crowd led approaches to create value is increasingly familiar in both the literature of business comment and reporting and through our own experience. Crowdassets, as we refer to them, represent a profound and enduring source of innovation and we must adapt and respond to this opportunity.

Crowd empowered ecosystems are rich sources of insight and expertise. Businesses can engage with their crowd in order to bring innovative services and products to the market at a faster pace.

We are proud to have so great article! 

Disseminating the Innovation Journey adventure


The Path for Growth – an Innovation Journey is an interactive Innovation self-assessment tool created and designed by CONTINUE TO GROW. It is based on the state of the art of innovation frameworks, industry best practices and innovation standards.

Let´s see how our network disseminates the adventure.. 

CONTINUE TO GROW Alliances Network


You are invited to participate at the CONTINUE TO GROW Alliances Network online meeting hosted by Innovation Global Network.

CONTINUE TO GROW is creating an networking community that will serve for knowledge sharing, strengthening the engagement and building alignment between our alliances.

The Alliances Network second online meeting will take place on the Nov. 10, 12:00-1:30 PM EST/5:00-6:30 GMT/18:00-19:30 CET, in the scope of Innovation Leader Members Opportunity Event.

Fun and Games – Changing the World of Innovation Assessments

Innovation Assessment is one of the pillars of an innovation program. Evaluation should be done as an on-going activity and revised with the most valuable feedback gathered along the entire innovation journey.

Excellent article!

Only Engaged Innovation Teams Succeed

Engagement of teams is a must-have when addressing the key issues related to sustainable innovation programs.

Read and tell us your comments!


CONTINUE TO GROW sees alliances as the essence of its business model and fosters a creation of a vital network of associates and local partners to deliver value added solutions.

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