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Gamification used for ideation

Did you know that Gamification can be used for ideation? A study at MIT Sloan found that ideation games helped participants generate more and better ideas, and compared it to gauging the influence of academic papers by the numbers of citations received in subsequent research.

Corporate Innovation and Gamification

2015 was a great year for the innovation industry, which continues to expand, develop and just get better. As Anthony Ferrier points out, "This is an exciting time to be within the space".

We believe in (and are passionate about) corporate gamification, as a tools that facilitates communication, that provides the right environment for new ideas to flourish, and to create a better team spirit.

Play, Games and Gamification

Gamification is a hot topic in many businesses and organizations.

Games will help you shape an innovation-supportive culture

1- The Challenge

I am very proud to lead the development of a new type of innovation tools based on games. Grounded on my research and empirical evidence, I realised that games could really help an organization to shape an innovation-supportive culture. Games can enhance internal collaboration, trigger people’s curiosity about innovation and promote fun and engagement among employees.

When was the last time you played Super Mario games?

We are so proud about ideaChef, our latest product that has so great feedback from our partners, clients and friends.

ideaChef allows your organization to tackle some problems by creating an enjoyable environment favorable for having good ideas and allowing them to be evaluated.

ideaChef goes to... Sweden

It took several months to bring to life, but in less than a month ideaChef was presented and is being noticed in Europe.

Meet Luís Maia

The world is global and teams are global, so you you must use global tools and platforms to reach to global partners and clients, right?

Fun and Games - Changing the World of Innovation Assessments

Innovation Assessment is one of the pillars of an innovation program. Evaluation should be done as an on-going activity and revised with the most valuable feedback gathered along the entire innovation journey.

Day 2 at FEI EMEA 2015

Last month we were at FEI EMEA 2015 in Vienna, Austria. By the end of Day 1, everybody was excited and 'getting connected' with the ChiefHumourOfficer.com team. These were great moments to relax and start networking. It was the first time we would meet some Twitter and LinkedIn contacts, finally we would get to really know them.

What should be the innovation artifacts?

It has been highlighted on previous posts the critical role of artifacts in producing valued and expected behaviors. The main finding is that innovative behaviors are unlikely to occur unless these values and norms are manifest in the stories, physical layout, rituals, and language of the organization.


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