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Corporate Innovation and Gamification

2015 was a great year for the innovation industry, which continues to expand, develop and just get better. As Anthony Ferrier points out, "This is an exciting time to be within the space".

We believe in (and are passionate about) corporate gamification, as a tools that facilitates communication, that provides the right environment for new ideas to flourish, and to create a better team spirit.

Trying to adapt? Be sure not to fail

Greg Satell wrote an outstanding piece about the flexibility of the mind, and how it is a valuable and scarce commoditty.

Evaluate your ideas with ideaChef

People who practice collaborative innovation learn how to craft a series of engagements where participants can see the whole—the whole problem and the whole set of potential solutions—in order to reach a shared understanding of the way forward.

Lançamento em Portugal de um Jogo de Inovação

ideaChef® é um jogo de tabuleiro que ajuda a desenvolver capacidades de inovação

ideaChef® é uma ferramenta inovadora, desenvolvida em Portugal pela CONTINUE TO GROW, com apoio de uma universidade de referência, a ESCOLA DE DESIGN DO POLITÉCNICO DE MILÃO.

Surfing the tide of entrepreneurship

We are a Portuguese company with our mind and goals set on the European market. But luckily we are not alone, we are surfing on the entrepreneurship tide that is coming from the Atlantic shores and is sweeping Europe.

Looking back at ISPIM 2015

Everybody was ready and heading to Budapest, the location of the XXVI ISPIM Conference. ISPIM is short for International Society for Professional Innovation Management.

ideaChef goes to... Sweden

It took several months to bring to life, but in less than a month ideaChef was presented and is being noticed in Europe.

We want to talk with you

After several months of continuos, hard working and enjoyfull months, it is time to present our latest products, ideaChef and Smart Crowd Strategy.

Meet Luís Maia

The world is global and teams are global, so you you must use global tools and platforms to reach to global partners and clients, right?

Fun and Games - Changing the World of Innovation Assessments

Innovation Assessment is one of the pillars of an innovation program. Evaluation should be done as an on-going activity and revised with the most valuable feedback gathered along the entire innovation journey.


CONTINUE TO GROW sees alliances as the essence of its business model and fosters a creation of a vital network of associates and local partners to deliver value added solutions.

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