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ideaChef goes to... Sweden

It took several months to bring to life, but in less than a month ideaChef was presented and is being noticed in Europe.

Join us at FEI 2015 in Vienna, Austria

From 11th to 13th of March all innovators will be heading to Front End Innovation (FEI) in Vienna, Austria. FEI 2015 is ALL about creating meaningful opportunities for innovators to collaborate based on content.

Innovation Stickers Card Collection

Innovation Stickers Card Collection is a complementary phycical learning and networking game for the Innovation Journey. Such deployment was inspired on the treasure hunt well known game in order to facilitate engagement and interaction among the conference participants. Now is mostly applied by companies for raising awareness about the internal need of developing innovation capabilities

Innovation Games: Going Beyond the Traditional Creativity and Analytical Tools and Methods

Innovation Games and its rapidly increasing applications are not anymore unknown concepts to innovation driven organizations.

In the fifth of a series of articles focused on Innovation Culture, our attention is on the emerging business use of innovation games beating all the traditional creativity and analytical tools.

We are good in developing innovation games! 

LET`S 2014 Conference takeaways in the light of new European Industrial Renaissance

CONTINUE TO GROW participated at the LET`S Key Enabling Industrial Technologies Conference (29 SEPT to 1 OCT 2014) held in Bologna, Italy.


CONTINUE TO GROW sees alliances as the essence of its business model and fosters a creation of a vital network of associates and local partners to deliver value added solutions.

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