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Meet Christina Pettersson

Have you ever had that feeling that something was really meant to be? 

While studying for Marketing and Sales, Christina Pettersson decided that should do more than just theory. It was time to get hands to work, published an ad in Innovation Global Network and Continue to Grow replied to it.

Coincidence? We believe it was meant to be.

Meet Luís Maia

The world is global and teams are global, so you you must use global tools and platforms to reach to global partners and clients, right?

Meet Bettina von Stamm

The world of those passionate about innovation I still somewhat small, and you always meet people who know people you know, and often you then connect virtually. ISPIM is one of those events that ensures that such people actually meet face to face! 

Meet Tim Wright

Last year our team participated at the Open Innovation 2.0 Conference in Dublin and it was there Rui Patrício and Tim got acquainted.

Meet Carla Marchioro

Carla Marchioro is an Associate Partner of CONTINUE TO GROW in Italy, with an extensive background in R&D processes and Innovation.

Meet George Leal Jamil

On the 24th April, 2014, we (Continue to Grow) participated on a Market Intelligence workshop organised by UPTEC PINC, Creative Industries Centre and startup incubator from the University of Porto. It was on that exact spot that the serendipity was in our favour and we met George.

George Leal Jamil is very responsible trainer and for our convenience the workshops started on time. He began introducing his profile and professional background, and shortly after, continued with the highlight of the day – Market Intelligence. His talk captured everyone’s attention and the auditorium scooped his extensive experience. The workshop touched on subjects such as Innovation, Market Intelligence, Decision processes and Entrepreneurship and, seamlessly we arrive to the end of the day. The workshop was over, however our collaboration was about to start.


CONTINUE TO GROW sees alliances as the essence of its business model and fosters a creation of a vital network of associates and local partners to deliver value added solutions.

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