What should be the innovation artifacts?

It has been highlighted on previous posts the critical role of artifacts in producing valued and expected behaviors. The main finding is that innovative behaviors are unlikely to occur unless these values and norms are manifest in the stories, physical layout, rituals, and language of the organization.

Therefore there is a need to create innovation artifacts.

Are games the answer? Yes, since games are patterns of innovation it makes sense to use them as a source for the creation of breakthrough and meaningful innovation artifacts.

What about gamification? Gamification is basically the application of game design elements into existing nongame contexts in order to commit, engages and motivates the users. The potential of its application has been now extended to Innovation and is estimated that, by 2015, more than 50% of organizations that manage innovation processes will gamify those processes" (Gartner Gamification Report, 2011).

This kind of innovation artifacts, based on gamification, will foster innovation and productivity, which inevitably enhances the work environment. Applying Gamification to innovation serves to increase people's engagement and to promote certain behaviors, which support the need already expressed by organizations to create an innovation-supportive culture.

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