Meet Christina Pettersson

Have you ever had that feeling that something was really meant to be? 

While studying for Marketing and Sales, Christina Pettersson decided that should do more than just theory. It was time to get hands to work, published an ad in Innovation Global Network and Continue to Grow replied to it.

Coincidence? We believe it was meant to be.

Christina says that her passions are people, networking, relations and facilitating ideas and finding the best way to make changes in everyday life. Continue to Grow invited Christina to our monthly interview.

Thanks Christina for giving this interview. Could you tell us where you are from? Do you sometimes employ your origin to work in your favor and how?

I'm from North Olmstead, Ohio USA. I came to Sweden 16 years ago. First I tried to fit in as a Swede as fast as possible, but then fortunately, someone told me: "You are not Swedish, so why do you want to be someone else other than yourself? That is when I realized that I need to start using the best from both worlds. On one hand, the straightforwardness from my American background allows me to be determined and seek creativeness, on the other hand my Swedish background allows me to make diplomatic choices and blend in when necessary. Being an American in a Swedish culture helps me to be a catalyst in a stable and conservative society.

Please tell us shortly about your professional career.

I'm a business orientated professional with more than 15 years of experience in Sales,Customer Service, Business Development, Environment, Economics and Administration in the Swedish Market and 7 years in the North American market.

Could you please name your main career wins and lessons learned?

I'm really proud of the hard work and the ability to stand out in Swedish market and society. It has not been an easy path as I said but I'm proud of it.

What captures you about Innovation Management?

I really love the creative thinking process, the openness of knowledge sharing and creating new conditions that gives you the competitive edge in any organization. It is really an exciting frontier.

What has been in this area the latest breakthrough in your opinion?

I think that when we know how to use the processes of Innovation Management that we should go from micro to macro scenarios. Recently, I found a project supported by U.S Director-William B. Hawley, from TAR KOVACS SYSTEMS LLC. They have developed an ocean machine that can destroy/collect plastic from the depths of the oceans. Their technology also exploits the natural abundance of renewable energies. Now that is Innovation!

We are arriving to our collaboration. How would you describe CONTINUE TO GROW Alliances Network and your treasure/expertise in it?

I have great expectations for Continue to Grow in the Swedish market and believe that they will engage with several fitting companies. We have a real connection when we share knowledge and collaborate and I feel that our passions are in alignment which allows everyone the possibility to “continue to grow”.

If you would meet the Mr. “Not enough time collecting and transferring knowledge and ideas” then what would be your message to him? It is one of the business problems that we identified when initiated the solutions development. Image that one of your potential customers faces this problem. Please provide a message helping to overcome this problem.

Creativity, collaboration and Innovation are all about communication in the right environments, so the main question in the leaders should be asking themselves is: "How can we not afford not to dedicate time and investments in our Human Capital”. The true assets of every company is their Human Capital. “So why not exploit all the resources to gain the competitive edge with a great combination of knowledge sharing?” This is where ideaChef can really make a difference by solving complex problems with current internal knowledge, increase team spirit and solve communication issues.

Coming to more relaxed questions. What fascinates you besides work?

My curiosity is always fueling my drive to know more about fascinating topics such as human beings. I'm also passionate about the powers in nature and even architecture.

For resuming this pleasant dialog, would you be kind enough to share with us a personal quote. It could resemble your main values in life and/or relate to innovation (you may refer to other citations, nevertheless please personalize them).

Sure, I'll share two: As a personal belief I like: “The easiest way to get what you want is to help others get what they want.” Deepak Chopra. “The most satisfying way to get ahead is to help others get what they want” Christina Pettersson. 

The second quote which has stuck with me since I started really soul searching is “Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will live its whole life believing it is stupid” Albert Einstein. “Everybody has the potential within to be creative, but without the proper surroundings people will never learn their potential.” Christina Pettersson.

Just let me ask one more question. From your point of view, what is a crazy and unexpected innovation that you wish to see come true?

As I mentioned earlier, we really should be going from micro to macro scenarios in order to tackle bigger innovative issues. I'd really like to see the world would develop innovative processes regarding distribution of clean water all over the world.

Thank you for participating on our Alliances Network interview!

Christina Petterson has a Technical Sales B2B diploma taken in June 2015 from Handelsakademin, a partner of University of Gothenburg. 

She is a Business orientated professional with more than 15 years experience in Sales,Customer Service, Business Development, Environment, Economics and Administration in the Swedish Market and 7 years in the North American market. Her overall responsibilities are to maintain Pricing Coordination for the Nordic Countries, cross support in Nordic countries, the Baltics and Iceland. All brands and all segments- Retail, Kitchen, Construction and Gaggenau business. Working with Sales and Bonus agreements, Campaigns, Change Management and Corporate Compliance.

If you wish to know more about Christina Petterson, please visit her LinkedIn profile.

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